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How To Use Any iPhone Theme on Android

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use any iPhone theme on Nova Launcher but its exactly the same steps for using them on Go Launcher as well. I used this exact tutorial myself when learning how to do this. I DID NOT MAKE THIS!!!! FULL CREDIT FOR THE PHOTO'S & ALL GOES TO THE TALENTED LOU BECCA BEE!!!! THIS IS HER TUTORIAL. I simply shared it with my followers. I've had numerous request & questions on how to do this & Lou is the best at simplifying a tutorial. So again full credit goes to Lou. I did nothing but share it. :)                        
                                           You can find her blog here.

Theme by Brittany, blog link found under "Blog Lovin'"

You can use ANY theme with this method, which I use religiously as not only do I hate Go Launcher, but a lot of my favorite themes haven't been optimized to work on Android. This guide is a picture guide, I may make a video at a later date.

Before You Start

Please download the applications below from the PlayStore before you begin this tutorial;

Nova Launcher AND Nova Launcher Prime

ES File Explorer File Manager

Once you have downloaded these 3 apps, you're ready to start! Please also make sure you have a Dropbox account set up and installed on your phone.

Step One
For this guide I will be using a free iOS theme from my website as an example, and so you can follow it the same way if you wish. So first navigate to this part of my site and press "Free Themes - iOS".

Step Two
I'm using the free version of my Passion theme as an example. Press "Download Free Icons....".

Step Three
When prompted with this screen, press Dropbox.

Step Four

This should take you to Dropbox and open the theme up so it looks like this. Press "". You should be prompted which application you would like to open the file with, choose ES File Explorer File Manager.

Step Five
Your screen should now look like this after downloading the file.

Long press the file and check-mark it, now press "Extract" when prompted.

Step Six
Press "Choose path" then press the box directly below it that states "/sdcard/"

Step Seven
Navigate to /sdcard/Download and press "OK".

**IMPORTANT TIP** - After pressing OK, navigate to "Downloads" and open up the folder you just extracted to there. Rename the "IconBundles" folder to "Passion Icons" or anything of your choice. Delete any other folder unless wallpapers, that is found within this folder.  So - delete "Bundles, UIImages etc" just leaving one folder with Icons in and one with Wallpapers in.

Step Eight
Now it's the part where you change the actual icons!  For this tutorial sake, I will theme an un-themed icon of mine, so Blogger in this case.  Long Press the icon you wish to change.

Step Nine
When prompted, press "Edit".

Step Ten
Press the stock/standard icon here.

Step Eleven
Press "Gallery".

Step Twelve
Select the folder with the icons in, in this case "Passion Icons" if that's what you renamed the "Icon Bundles" folder to.

Step Thirteen
Find the icon you wish to use to replace the stock one.  Obviously in this case I'm going to select the custom Blogger icon.

Step Fourteen
At this screen, don't press anything other than the "OK" button at the bottom.  Leave the crop square around the icon as shown above without adjusting.

Step Fifteen
Ta-da! The icon has been changed to the custom one you have chosen!  Now do the same for every other icon you wish to change.  I only ever change the home screen icons really, saves a lot of time for when you wish to change a theme again.


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